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Rubber Moulds India

Why Aiswarya Industries?

Concrete Pavers have become a wildly popular and successful landscaping and beautification tool. Wet Cast Concrete Paving blocks are a cost effective, efficient and eco-friendly solution to all your landscaping needs. This industry has seen annual growth rates much higher than the construction industry in general. To produce great quality cabros (as they are known in some countries), it is important you have the right tools to achieve it. This is where Aiswarya Industries comes in.

With just 7 short years, Aiswarya Industries has grown to be a leader in the field of Plastic Moulds for Wet Cast Concrete Products as well as Rubber Moulds for Concrete Paver Blocks. Our state of the art Research and Development Team is constantly pursuing scientific and technical excellence. Our cutting edge machineries ensure that our customers get consistently excellent products every time. Formulations made by expert in house technicians and verified by independent chemical engineers ensure that at Aiswarya Industries, you are always surprised by our quality.

Our round the clock production schedules managed with IOT enabled technologies help us monitor and control our production seamlessly to always have on time delivery. The constant monitoring and quality control measures in place at Aiswarya Industries ensures we deliver on the trust you place within us.

The formula of a wet cast concrete product can make or break it. At Aiswarya Industries, we strive to give our customers the satisfaction of perfect results every time. In this interest we provide custom mixing ratios for all paver making needs dependant and variable on the chemicals used, raw materials available etc. The formulas even account for the temperature and humidity of your location to ensure that you get the best compression strength and finishing for your products.

All your paver making needs can be met at Aiswarya Industries. We manufacture Machineries, Plastic and Rubber Moulds and we source chemicals at unbeatable rates and unquestionable quality. This means that once you begin a relationship with us, you will never have to seek out another firm to service any of your business needs.

We offer live demonstrations at your factory (subject to our availability) of all the products sold by Aiswarya Industries. This includes machineries, moulds and chemicals ensuring that you have a deep understanding of the process of manufacturing paver blocks well before you start your company. New starters are amazed at the support we offer. From proper financial advice, to help in machinery erection, workflow management and other spheres, at Aiswarya Industries, Trust is everything.

Any business transaction is founded on trust. At Aiswarya Industries, we have built this organization around the idea of trust. The trust of our consumer base is what powers us to charge ahead and break new grounds and push the boundaries further. Trust in our products and trust in our abilities to service every business need you have. At Aiswarya Industries, Trust is everything.


1. Aiswarya Plastic Moulds

Aiswarya Plastic Moulds are manufactured from 100% Virgin Materials. Our Proprietary blend of 5 times recyclable base plastics and our proprietary blend of strengthening chemicals deliver constant quality, regardless if the size and shape.

  • Catalogue of over 400 Designs
  • Eco Friendly – 5 Times Recyclable
  • Strengthened Impression Reproduction (SIR) Technology transfers minute details from mould to tile
  • Increased Tensile Strength
  • Resistant to Structural Deformation
  • Thermodynamically Stable
  • Weather proof

2. Aiswarya Rubber Moulds

Aiswarya Rubber Moulds come with reinforced Side walls as well as AccuDesign Layer (ADL) Technology that is a specially formulated inner layer. It mirrors the designs on the mould accurately onto the paver blocks. They come with a wide variety of features that makes them a favourite among global customers. Some of them are listed below.

  • Made from the finest natural rubber
  • Extreme Durability
  • Reusable upto 10,000 times
  • Ergonomical Design
  • Eco Frendly
  • AccuDesign Layer Technology for mirror finish

3. Aiswarya Machineries

Machineries are the foundation of good concrete moulds. At Aiswarya Industries we manufacture our machineries using only the finest raw materials. The export quality machineries we produce are used worldwide. Our happy customers offer testimonials about the quality, reliability and efficiency of the machines manufactured by Aiswarya Industries.

4. Chemicals

At Aiswarya Industries, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best products. For Wet Cast Concrete Pavers this case also covers various construction chemicals. We understand the need for our customers to have these chemicals easily and have taken the pains to have all of them present under one roof. We trade in construction chemicals, water reducing admixtures and hardeners of all reputable brands. We also supply oxides and polish chemicals used to give the best finishing for the products.

5. Aiswarya Accessories

The Concrete Paver Block Industry offers a wide range of accessories that can make production more efficient. Sometimes to scale up your business with the best in field technologies, you will need the right tools. We have you covered at Aiswarya Industries. Our wide range of industry leading accessories offers you the peace of mind of owning a complete, quality product.