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Atom tech Agro

Rubber Moulds India Rubber Moulds India

Features of ATOM TECH AGRO

  • We use the strongest, most eco friendly raw materials to manufacture these floorings for your lovable creatures.
  • We use only first quality genuine material for great life and increased strength.
  • Our goat slats come with Ultra Violet resistant, Anti Microbial, Anti Fungal Original Poly Propylene Mix ensures great resistance to fungal and bacterial attacks, both very common in traditional wood or steel based cages.
  • Oleophobic coating on our product ensures that moisture doesn’t affect the cage when washing using water.
  • Since Moisture is greatly controlled by the design and material used, frequent sicknesses affecting animals, caused by moisture is greatly reduced.
  • Our unique and easy to use double interlocking system ensures that floor partitions and other contraptions are easy to install and use.
  • When using traditional methods of cage building like wood or steel, it is common to have the base structure break and the animal’s legs fall through and break or be injured badly. Using our flooring slat, you can ensure that no such damages happen as we offer the best strength with modular design.
  • The design of the flooring slat ensures that animals standing on it get maximum grip without sacrificing comfort.
  • Any excreta produced by the animals is usually damaging to the integrity of traditional cages due to its acidic nature. Our flooring slats are designed in a way that all waste generated travels through the cages rather than staying in them.
  • Our machined, edge to edge connections ensures that the weight is distributed evenly and efficiently along the goat slat for maximum performance and safety.
  • The button like projections on the flooring helps to form good grip for the animals creating an anti slip flooring option thats easier for them to use and easy for anyone to clean.
  • Unlike cheap quality alternatives, you can confidently stand inside the cages and clean it without fear of it breaking
  • The wide variety of flooring slats are best suited for a wide range of animals.
  • We specialise in flooring slats for goats, puppies and dogs