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PVC Moulds

Aiswarya Industries presents high quality PVC Moulds for Designer concrete tiles. PVC is available i two forms – soft PVC and rigid PVC. Aiswarya Industries deals with soft PVC moulds that are the best in quality compared to all other PVC moulds for concrete pavers.  The usage of PVC moulds has the following advantages.

1. Lower cost when compared to rubber moulds.

2. Easy to change designs as per consumer demands.

3. High flexibility for better demoulding.

4. Non polluting compared to plastic.

5. No Carbon leakage onto pavers from moulds

6. Soft aesthetic appeal

7. Good consistency

9. Lightweight

Aiswarya Industries ensures that only the best quality products are made into products for our customers. Years of Research and development has resulted in products engineered to suit your every demand. The soft PVC moulds, falsely marketed as Rubberized PVC moulds, are the best option for a low level start to the concrete paving block industry. Concrete pavers made with PVC moulds have good fit and finish overall.  PVC moulds for paver block manufactured by Aiswarya Industries are a premium quality offering.

Careful usage of the PVC moulds ensures good life and consistency throughout product cycle. Aiswarya Industries products have greater longevity and durability when compared to products of competitors.  While every company tries to sell volumes based n lower price, with no regard for quality, Aiswarya Industries always sticks to quality. Our products speak for themselves. We have 26 years of experience behind us.

The Soft PVC Moulds for parking tiles used by Aiswarya Industries are engineered to perfection and created for customer satisfaction.