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Concrete Hardener
Usha Rubbers recommends the use of concrete hardeners in the paving manufacturing process to accelerate setting time. When admixed with concrete and mortar along with water the concrete hardener accelerates the setting time of the concrete and mortar and helps in achieving high early strength. This product is of use in shot-creting and guniting and in concreting and rendering in cold climatic conditions. Paver industry can highly benefit from the use of this product as it helps in early de-moulding and early shifting of the paver blocks to site saving enormous amount of space utilized in conventional curing and its strength development.

Color Oxide
The strength of ideal paving blocks is their varieties in shapes, sizes and of colours. The many colours of paving blocks are achieved using the various color oxides that are used in the manufacturing process. The color oxides introduced by Usha Rubbers are the results of years of research and development. They are the ideal fit for our products and they ensure maximum life on the color of the concrete paver blocks manufactured. Over and above the life of the color, it also ensures stronger resistance to wear and tear and combined with the glazing technology of Usha Moulds, the products remain ever radiant.

Pigment Paste
The surface color of the concrete blocks are ensured using the pigment paste. The pigment pastes by Usha Rubbers are made with the choicest ingredients ensuring long life to the surface of the blocks. They display high quality levels in terms of color strength and color consistency. Because of their chemical structure these products are highly weather stable, lightfast and UV-stable and are very well suited for the coloring of construction materials.

Acrylic Lacquer / Clear Polish
It’s applied on the surface of Pavers to impart a decorative finish and colourful look. This is a high gloss, best quality Lacquer coating which provides more coverage area and gives more shine to the surface of Pavers. It can be applied on Cement Concrete Block, Paver Block, and Decorative Tiles and like items.

Waterproof Powder
The role of the waterproofing powder in the paving block manufacturing process is something of utmost importance. The waterproofing powder recommended by Usha Rubbers ensures that the paving blocks are never at risk of water damage even in the most adverse conditions. The powder acts as a strength enhancer and provides the concrte blocks so produced with the ability to maintain their strengths even in monsoon related conditions.

Mould Wash
The regular cleaning of the moulds is an area of concern for most manufacturers. The products offered by Usha in this range is an alternative to acid mould washing. The soapy product ensures that the corrosive elements of acidic was does not affect the quality and the interior of the moulds. The mould wash also ensures that all debris is cleared without causing any structural or design changes.

Demoulding Agent
The demoulding agent offered by Usha Rubbers is an industry standard product that eases the demoulding process. The specialized demoulder acts locally on the moulds to ensure smooth demouldiing without altering the state of the product. The chemical increases production efficiency without sacrificing time or casuing an additional investment.